Accepted Payment Methods @ Toy Palace


After you provided your data a check will be performed by iPayment for validation and payment reservation without direct charge. Your order will be shipped and charged once everything is in-stock. Partial deliveries are possible. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. This payment method is recommended for pre-order and in-stock products. We only charge you once we ship your order. Your credit card credentials will not be saved in our system or servers nor offices, but transferred directly to iPayment (PCI certified) through a secure connection and saved there up to 13 months (great for pre-orders).


The payment of your shopping cart happens within seconds, directy from your Paypal Account to ours if all items are in-stock. After we received your payment your order will be shipped asap. Partial deliveries are also possible. This payment method is recommended for in-stock products as well as for pre-order items. If you submit a pre-order (or a mixed order with in-stock and pre-order items) you will received an invoice email (with Paypal Payment Link) as soon as the product is/are available for you.


Payment in advance (EU Bank Transfer):
Once your items are in-stock you will get an invoice via e-mail containing all essential banking (e.g. IBAN and BIC) information for your payment. Please do not send money prior to that! After we got your payment your order will be shipped asap. This method is recommended for new and regular customers, who want to order in-stock and pre-order articles. For pre-orders we charge between 10% and 20% of the order value in advance (via separate e-mail).


Sofortü is a German instant-payment provider which has many advantages against regular services. The payment of your shopping card happens within seconds, directly from your bank account to ours. It differs from other eWallet solutions, because no vendors are being used. This payment method is available for all customers of the following countries: DE, BE, AT and NL - more EU countries will follow. Advantage for customers: We are able to ship your products on the same day of your order has been placed. All you need is an online giro-bank account. This payment method is ONLY available for IN-STOCK Products!

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