der-hobbit-dsterwald-doppelklinge-elbenkrieger-replik-183-cm_UCU40321_2.jpg der-hobbit-dsterwald-doppelklinge-elbenkrieger-replik-183-cm_UCU40321_3.jpg der-hobbit-dsterwald-doppelklinge-elbenkrieger-replik-183-cm_UCU40321_4.jpg

The Hobbit: Dual Daggers "Tauriel" - Replica

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Manufacturer: United Cutlery
SKU: UCU40321

EAN 0760729304314
Weight 4.0000 kg
Published Sep 2, 2020
Size in cm 183
Theme The Hobbit
Producttype Weapons
Packaging Carton
Material Other
Scale 1/1
Discountable (Discount Club item) Yes
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