darth-vader-vinyl-spardose-star-wars-175-cm_SMIBUS001_2.jpg darth-vader-vinyl-spardose-star-wars-175-cm_SMIBUS001_3.jpg darth-vader-vinyl-spardose-star-wars-175-cm_SMIBUS001_4.jpg darth-vader-vinyl-spardose-star-wars-175-cm_SMIBUS001_5.jpg darth-vader-vinyl-spardose-star-wars-175-cm_SMIBUS001_6.jpg

Star Wars: Money Bank "Darth Vader"

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Manufacturer: Obyz

EAN 3700789292913
Weight 0.2000 kg
Published Nov 22, 2021
Size in cm 18
Theme Star Wars
Producttype Money Boxes
Packaging Window Box
Material Vinyl
Discountable (Discount Club item) Yes

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