Robert Bailey

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Biography of Robert Bailey

At the age of 17 Robert Bailey moved from Stoke-on-Trent (England), where he was born in 1947, to Canada to become a photographer.In England he had attended the Longton College of Art.
After a varied career as a photo lab technician, commercial designer and journalist, he became a medical photographer.During this time he published lithographs of canvases from the Second World War.
The film producer George Lucas became aware of Robert's work for aeronautical art and asked him to work on Star Wars visions. After a meeting with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, Robert Bailey's career took a turn.
George Lucas was very impressed by Robert's work and has been collecting his drawings ever since - for himself and for his crew members.

Robert Bailey's favorite Star Wars characters are C-3PO and Yoda, although he does recreate the entire spectrum of Star Wars characters in pencil. The number of fans at various comic books who buy his drawings of individual film scenes has increased dramatically in recent years. Among the collectors of his art today are Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Tom Cruise and the late Carrie Fisher.
Bailey himself says about his art: "Only through practice can the dexterity of fine pencil work be preserved".