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Star Wars Merchandise, Movie & TV Fan Article Shop since 1997

Enter the Star Wars Merchandise, Movie & TV fan article world.

Become part of the Toy Palace Galaxy. With millions of fans discover the Star Wars merchandise, fan articles and accessories of your favorite movies, movies, TV series, games, comics, music, anime, manga and trading card games. Are you looking for merchandise or fan articles of your TV heroes, movies or stars? Are you looking for exclusive editions, collectables, rarities or extraordinary gifts? Then Toy Palace is exactly your online shop.
You will find at our Online Store: Star Wars merchandise & fan articles e.g. from Marvel Movies, Batman, exclusive editions, manufacturers & brands. Toys, gadgets & collectors items such as action figures, vehicles, statues, busts, replicas, T-shirts, costumes and much more of all conceivable films, series or computer/console games. Everything your heart desires.

Fan Universes: Discover the world of fan articles & Star Wars merchandise

Draw your lightsaber, browse through our Star Wars Merchandise, Movie & TV-Series Fanshop assortment. Full of the best Star Wars merchandise and your favorite series, heroes and movies. Whatever your age, you will find the right outfit and exclusive decorative items for the next convention, film evening or series marathon.

Star Wars is your life?

The special of Star Wars: Several generations are enthusiastic about the films. The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977 as "Star Wars". It's been over 40 years now.
For more than 20 years, Star Wars is our life. That's why we specialize in Star Wars merchandise. From Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, BB-8 and many other characters from "A Star Wars Story" (Solo and Rogue One) and episodes I to XIII.
With us you will find the exclusively Disney licensed Star Wars Merchandise & Fan Article! Fight with your heroes on the bright or dark side of the Force - it's up to you!

Your superheroes from the DCU and Marvel Comic Unsiversum

"Spider-Man" and "Superman" merchandise & fan articles or rather "The Avengers" and "The Flash"? Live the adventures of your superheroes and villains.
You are looking for exclusive accessories or action figures, statues, busts and replicas, no matter, you will find exactly the merchandise & fan articles you are looking for at Toy Palace the superhero merchandise & fan merchandise online shop. With us you will regularly find a large number of new and exclusive merchandise & fan articles. Be fast like "The Flash", because we have many limited fan articles & merchandise.

Heroes from Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien and Predator awaiting your support

"Game of Thrones" (GoT) fans will find breathtaking fan articles & merchandise. Whose side are you on? House Lannister, House Stark or maybe Targaryen? Ready for you we have overwhelming fan articles and merchandise of each house. Get them now! Your favorite heroes from "Guardians of the Galaxy" want to take you into a unique space battle. Groot, Rocket, Star Lord or Drax are ready to fight! Are you too? We will make your heart beat faster and just for you we keep numerous fan articles in stock.
You like horror and action? Then you are in good hands with us! On our very special movie pages you can get the unique "Alien & Predator" action figures, or very crazy things like the Alien Warrior Life-Size statue. But that's not all. In the category Movies you will find countless highlights such as "Indiana Jones", "MIB - Men in Black" and "Back to the Future".

Highlights to Anime & Manga Fans

You know Animes & Mangas, but you don't know if you are already a fan? Here you will find the solution! If you don't miss an episode of "Sailor Moon" or "Hentai Series", then you are a real anime or manga fan. Get Fighter Sasara from the video game "To Heart 2" into your living room or you are a real collector and treat yourself to the limited editions like "Dead Moon Web Exclusive" (Luis & Romulo Royo).

Gaming: Ego-Shooter, Team & Strategy

Captivating scenarios, nerve-racking fights and high-end graphics are exactly what you expect from gaming?
Then our gaming merchandise shop is just what you need. "Call of Duty" (CoD) and "Battlefield" are among the most famous first-person shooter games the world has ever seen. you take on the role of a soldier during the Second World War at Call of Duty. Get into your gaming adventure with the action figures. Show all gamers which punch you have. Matching clothes, accessories and busts up to exclusive & strictly limited merchandise & fan articles will push your adrenalin.